Snacks and Letters - Part 85

Authors: [info]sionna_raven and [info]valkyriekat
Title: Snacks and Letters - Part 85
Word Count: 694


'Off to Hogwarts', not yet. I need to pack and not just books. I'd better let Kreacher do the packing and remove anything that looks like borrowed from Phineas' wardrobe afterwards. I remember 4th year I did the packing all on my own and my trunk was filled with Quidditch gear, chocolate frogs and Zonko products. Over the first week three owls a day arrived with unimportant things like socks, pants, handkerchiefs and even more chocolate. How could I be expected to think of such trivial necessities?

Peter got sick from all the chocolate and Remus accused me of having done it on purpose. Perhaps, though I haven't forced him to eat it all at once. James and I were only interested in the cards and Peter eagerly volunteered to take care of the frogs. Remus still had most of his share untouched on the first Hogsmeade weekend. I got 6 Salazar Slytherins and James insinuated that my mother knew a spell to identify the wizards on the cards and saw to it that I got the right ones. I doubt it, because Regulus was very delighted when I gave him the cards.

Regulus! My 4Th year was his first on the team. I didn't even see him play in his first match. Strange coincidence that I never had the chance to play against him. That year it was the detention I took in James' place, the next I was banned from the remaining matches because of the prank I played on Severus. 6Th year I spent the Gryffindor - Slytherin match in the hospital wing and 7th year James wanted to give a younger seeker a chance, fine with me of course. It happened to be for that one match.

“Master Sirius, has the headmaster said anything about your rooms?”

My rooms? Hogwarts accommodations are equipped with all things necessary. I shake my head.

Kreacher frowns at my thoughtlessness.

“Kreacher will see to it that everything is prepared and comfortable. Kreacher looks after his master. Kreacher knows what you need.”

I surrender to his expertise and determination. With a pop he's gone. The mental image of him discussing curtain fabric and wallpaper patterns with poor Severus runs through my mind.

I search the pantry for something edible. Merlin bless that elf! He left a plate with sandwiches.

I send it to the drawing room and follow with the pile of new schoolbooks under my arm.


I am just getting settled and my packages put away when the unmistakable loud CRACK of a house-elf announces Kreacher's arrival in my dungeon office. He's muttering to himself, as strangely as ever. “Still doesn't know what it means to be a Black,” Kreacher mutters. “Doesn't know the respect due his station. The pristine order, the exuberant, yet still the serenity...”

I wasn't aware you wrote poetry, Kreacher,” I say with a snap as loud as his CRACK but without the volume.

Kreacher has come to prepare Master's rooms,” Kreacher says. He jumped a mile when I address him. He just hugged me days ago and wept on my feet. Irksome little...but he's an elf.

Do you know where the rooms are?” I snap again, leaning down over him.

Yes, Master Severus. I needed to discuss the needs of my master. In the bath chamber, certain essential oils...”

I am not aware that I showed the slightest interest in discussing it. Tell Sirius from me that he disgusts me, sending a house-elf to please his pampered pureblood. Really, Slughorn is the only staff member I thought capable of such arrogance.”

I feel like ranting but I hate it when elves cringe. Surely Phineas Nigellus hadn't been the same?

Kreacher will do it despite Master, for Master's sake, Master Sirius wanted nothing to do with it.”

Even so, do an excellent job, Kreacher. So excellent that all your ancestors would give you praise.” I sneer but it's still an order from the Master's best friend.

Yes, Master, sir.”

I can imagine some of the pleasant additions and I think he just may want to kill me.


October 2013

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